BANG! Academy is calling for local 10-12 year olds who are interested in joining a vocal ensemble. Glow will be a collective group of both male and female singers who all share a passion for music and vocals. The aim is to bring the group together each week for an intensive class where students will learn and then perform a range of songs. Students will learn to listen to each other, harmonise, find rhythm and beat, create dynamics and explore a wide variety of music such as soul, funk, alternative, pop, reggae and more. If your child loves to sing, and has always wanted to perform with a group of like minded youth - Glow is for them!

So - how do you audition?

Its easy! Just take a short video of your child singing their favourite song and send us through an email.

Email us at

Auditions are always open for this group. We take in new members at the start of each term.

Good Luck!