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BANG! Academy of Performing Art’s Production of Nit Boy.

They’ll make you laugh,
They’ll make you cry,
They’ll make you itch…

Nit Boy written by Tristan Bancks & adapted by Anouska Gammon.

Nit Boy is about a kid called Lewis who has the worst case of nits in world history. Lewis has thousands of nits. His teachers and mum want to shave his head but Lewis has had nits so long that he’s kind of attached to them. He sees them as his pets. 

Hilariously funny and nit-wittingly contagious, this stage adaption is sure to entertain all ages and hair types!

Audition registration is now open! Children ages 7-15 are welcome to audition. We are looking for a range of talents and abilities. No prior performance experience is necessary. Must be willing to commit to rehearsals through Term 3 on weekends and performance in early October this year. Please register your interest here for auditions and we will send you all audition info.


Nit Boy Character Breakdown – 

Lewis (9-13yr Boy) Loves pranks, annoying his older sister, doing crazy bug science experiments with his dad, loves his hair and - he loves his nits! 

 Ms. Herrick (8-15yrs Girl) The Vice-Principal of Sunshine Primary. Hates dirty, disgusting, naughty children and their nits. Loves her job, and the power she has. Is not afraid of parents. Obsessed with eradicating all nits. 

 Mrs. Snow (12-15yrs Girl) Lewis’s mum. She is hard working, easily stressed but try’s to manage this with her new found interest in Buddhism. Can’t stand nits and the obsession her husband and son have for them.

 Mr. Snow (12-15yrs Boy) Lewis’s dad. He is an Entomologist, a scientist who studies insects. He loves all bugs, critters and creepy-crawlies! He is obsessed with the nits in Lewis’s head and runs experiments on them with Lewis. 

 Keira (10-15yrs Girl) Lewis’s older sister. She hates her little brother and his disgusting nits. She is vindictive, clever, sly and will do anything to see Lewis in trouble. She looks at her family in disgust and disbelief. 

 Chris (9-13yr Boy) Lewis’s best mate. Chris and Lewis work together to formulate pranks and run a nit-selling business at school. Chris is an entrepreneur, and acts as Lewis’s manager. 

 Ned (9-13yrs Boy) Ned is a nit. He lives on Lewis’s head and was born with jumping legs. He has all that it takes to jump to great adventures, yet he is a home body and loves it on Lewis’s head. His dad is constantly pushing him to be someone else though. 

 Keith (12-15 Boy) Ned’s dad. Keith is King Nit. Obsessed with Ned’s jumping powers and the Nit Revolution, Keith does whatever it takes to take over the human world. He loves his son but is constantly disappointed in him. 

 Sheena (8-13yr Girl) Ned’s best mate. Sheena loves adventure and would love to have the chance to fly like Ned. She try’s to understand why Ned doesn’t want to go, and helps Ned to work things out with his dad. 

 Chorus (7-15yrs Boys & Girls) Human school students & Nits.



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