We offer classes ranging from our Bang Bugs (3-5 years), Junior Allstars (6-10 years), Young Performers (11+ years).


Bang Bugs

(3-5 YEARS) $150/TERM

A fun filled creative course full of singing, movement and role play! Our facilitators are colourfully in character as they take the Bugs on a theme based journey each term!  Parents can happily have a break while their little ones are enjoying themselves. Bangalow has a wonderful range of cafes and shops near by. A small performance will be presented to family and friends during the last class of each term.



Junior Allstars

(6-10 YEARS) $150/TERM

Our Junior Allstars Drama course aims to build skills through improvisation, characterisation, movement and voice work while exploring their imaginations. Collaborative group work is encouraged, along with script work, skill building games, story telling and performance. A short 15 minute performance will be presented to family and friends at the end of the last class of term. 

WEDNESDAY  3.30pm - 4.30pm


Young Performers

(11+ YEARS) $200/TERM

The Young Performer course aims to encourage and build skills in acting for stage & screen. Techniques for voice, movement and characterisation will be learnt and developed through improvisation, group work, script work, monologues and performances. All levels of skills are welcome. A short 15 minute performance will be presented to family and friends at the end of the last class of term.

WEDNESDAY  4pm - 5.30pm



(8-12 YEARS) 

Learn the skills essential to become an actor. Explore the elements of drama including role and character, relationships, situation, voice and movement, focus, tension, space, time, and mood. Develop self-confidence, creative and divergent thinking, team work skills, and most importantly, have FUN!

TUESDAY  3.30pm - 4.30pm


Creative Movement

(OPEN AGE) $150

Creative Movement explores the use of facial expression, gesture, mime, and other physical means to show inner feelings and connect with an audience. Learn how time, shape, space and dynamics can be used to manipulate and compose movement. Experience the power and joy of moving as part of an ensemble!



Expressive Voice

(OPEN AGE) $150 

Expressive Voice is more than just a singing class. It focuses on speaking as well as singing, developing the muscles used to produce the voice and enabling the actor/performer to communicate with authenticity and conviction. Discover how to improve your voice’s ability to accurately reveal thoughts, emotions, and ideas to an audience. Rest assured there will be plenty of singing too!

TUESDAY  4.30pm - 5.30pm

Creative Movement & Expressive Voice (OPEN AGE) $150/$225 (individually/both)

The body and the voice are the essential instruments an actor uses to communicate meaning to an audience. Learn techniques which will develop your skills in these areas and extend yourself as an actor/performer.

These two classes are a great complement to each other and taken together will give a sound introduction to the craft of acting.

As a special introductory offer for Term1, enrol in both classes and get the second one half price!


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