How many students per class? 
In order to maximise the learning experience of each child, numbers are capped at 15 participants per class. We do sometimes allow for higher numbers - but will always have a second teacher in the space.

Are teachers qualified to work with children?
All BANG! and Rhythm teachers have completed a Working With Children Check.

How can I join? 
Complete an enrolment form online and your child will be automatically enrolled as long as the maximum number of students has not been reached. Alternatively, send an email to hello@bangacademyofperformingarts.com to let us know which class your child would like to try and then, as long as the class is not at capacity, just turn up! Enrolment forms will be available at the class should they wish to continue.

What experience do I need?
No experience necessary!

Can I join a course late?
Courses are run by the term but it is sometimes possible to join mid-term if there is a space available. In this case, fees are only charged for the remaining period.

Do you have taster classes?
If your child is new to drama and not sure if it’s their thing they are welcome to attend their first class with no obligation to pay for that class should they choose not to continue.

Is there a discount for siblings or multi-class enrolments?
Yes there is! If you are paying for more than one class per term we are pleased to offer 15% discount on your total bill.

Transportation? How to get here.  
BANG! classes are held at the Scout Hall and the Ashton Street Hall in Bangalow. Both are located within the showgrounds and are within easy (2 mins) walking distance from the bus stop on Byron Street. Free parking is available in the showgrounds which can be accessed from Market Street.

How much are the fees?
BANG! and Rhythm classes range from $150/term to $300/term. Invoices are sent out on week 3 of term. Parents must use their CHILDS name when invoicing as a reference.

What shall I bring? 
Wear clothes you can move in (tshirt, leggings, shorts etc) and bring a water bottle. No special footwear is necessary, barefoot is best!