Two Wolves by Tristan Bancks

Age 7-70 years old for a stage adaptation of the Tristan Bancks novel,
Two Wolves for performance in early August at Byron Theatre. 

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Registration  - Closes April 16.

Rehearsals – Saturday or Sunday (cast dependant) 4 hrs. May/June/July 2018.  

Performance – Bump in – Aug 2018 (TBC)

Performance dates – Aug 2018 (TBC)

Payment -  We work as a profit share system dependent on box office takings. 

Ben Silver – 12/13 yr old boy, Actor age 12-15yrs. 
Ben is a curious boy with a vivid imagination and a fear of the wild. Hobbies include making stop animation films with police detective hero’s and zombie villains.  

Olive Silver – 7 yr old girl (Ben’s sister). Actor age 7-10yrs.
Olive is strong willed and strong voiced. Obstinate and well read,  however sucks thumb. Hobbies include reading, playing with her teddy Bonzo and holding grudges towards her father, Ray.

Ray Silver -  Early 40’s. Actor age 35-45yrs.
Ray is Ben and Olive’s father and husband to April. He is skinny & serious. He wears black wrap-around sunglasses & a dirty cap with a petrol logo. He runs a car wreckers business and has tattoos. 

April Silver – Early 30’s,  Actor age 25-35yrs.
Mother to Ben and Olive, and wife to Ray. April wears high heels,  makeup and could have been a model years ago. She works at the Wreckers with Ray. She is capable yet has been put down by her husband & by the life she now leads. April is a good mother and tries to protect her children from her and Ray’s poor decisions.  

Nan – Female, 60’s. Actor age 50-70yrs.
Ray’s mother and grandmother to Ben & Olive. Nan is the rock of the family and speaks the truth. Her home is warm and a safe haven for the children. Nan has led a life caught up in the law, but has managed to stay on the right side of it.  

Pop – (Deceased) Male - Actor age 50-70yrs.
Lived a life of petty crime. Tells Ben (his grandson) a story of two wolves. This story weaves through the play and defines choices and outcomes of each character. This character will be shown on screen (projected) and his voice heard.  

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